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It is our mission to provide a place where everyone is welcome to explore our vast selection of quality merchandise from around the world. Positive Practice Metaphysical Shop and Yoga Studio strives to be a valuable community resource for healing. Our practitioners and services seek to inspire, encourage, and celebrate those desiring to grow in recovery, faith, and spiritual awakening.
Whatever your path; come in and enjoy the shop's great visual experience and feel the energy.
Positive Practice will change the way you think about a metaphysical store. Serving the new age movement, this one stop shop offers full service comfort, a friendly knowledgeable staff, a relaxing atmosphere, and versatile services. Positive Practice will give our customers an experience that will leave them glowing on the inside and out.


Mandy Milovich

Reiki Master

Certified Massage Therapist

Mother of 4



My name is Mandy. One day I found myself driving around looking for “something”. I pulled into a parking spot in front of a metaphysical store. The journey of a thousand steps started there. That was 10 years ago and that turning point set my life into real change. From there I began  a journey of self-awareness. Through classes on meditation, grounding, and the introduction of energy work called Reik; I shifted away from making so many of the same mistakes,and I started following my path. 

I have been a union, hammer swinging concrete carpenter for the past 16 years. It was because of some circumstances (aka divine guidance) that  I left that career to chase a dream. The dream was to show people the way as I was shown. That lead me to a massage school , a requirement to do Reiki as a business. I learned that massage itself is a powerful healer and a great compliment to all modalities. . 

My background in labor and school has given me more than just perspective. I have had shoulder pain from packing material. I have had sciatica from long hours spent behind a desk. All of this and more has inspired and motivated me to and learn and heal. I opened a metaphysical store to fill with all the things that have helped me, and that I truly hope will be help to others.